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Oops! Sorry - that's not a question we can answer!

There are some questions that just can't be answered, but they still get asked a lot here.

Typical questions are opinion questions (such as "Who is your favorite wrestler" and "Was Hulk Hogan a good wrestler"), or questions that are for predicting events that havent happened yet (such as "Who will win at the next pay per view" or "Who will win on Raw").

Sometimes the problem is that your question lacked enough detail for it to be understood.

Unfortunately these sorts of questions are not likely to be helpful to other people who are searching for information. As a result we just redirect the page here to help you (and anyone else reading your question) understand why your question won't be kept. (It also prevents the same questions being asked over and over again.)

This redirection isn't for total junk questions like asjhsjdkd? but for things which might be asked repeatedly.

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